Flower Cards

The custom of sending flower cards is deeply rooted in social practices, initially in those related to the major religious celebrations over the year and then developing a more personal substratum. This means that the habit of sending flowers cards became quite frequent on other occasions as well, particularly those related to personal life and accomplishments. From a certain point of view, flowers cards maintain the bond with people we haven't seen for a very long time. Flowers are the preferred birthday gift of most individuals because they are beautiful, cheerful and natural. Different months of the year have corresponding flowers, much like birthstones.

It is undeniable that probably the most common way of sending best wishes and regards to someone living at a distance is by means of flowers cards. This kind of printed materials go well for all sorts of occasions from birthdays to Easter and anniversaries; flowers cards are actually both formal and informal, being suitable for mere acquaintances or close friends alike. A well chosen card can send a very nice and touchy “I love you” message, depending on design and colors. This monthly guide is a great way to surprise the birthday girl or boy with a beautiful bouquet of flowers especially for the month of their birth.

The more actual and technologically advanced variant of flowers cards is represented by e-cards on the Internet. The last two decades have been marked by a decrease in the use of regular post services for communication, and all this in favour of the new electronic mail that is definitely one of the best inventions meant to strengthen and create communication bonds. Instead of the static image of the classic flowers cards one gets to admire the sparkles of incredibly beautiful ClipArt flowers in small slide shows. January is the snowdrop and carnation; February the primrose and violet; March the violet and jonquil; April flowers are the daisy and sweet pea; May represents lily of the valley and hawthorn; June is the rose and honeysuckle; July the water lily and larkspur; August represents the gladiolus and poppy; September the Morning Glory and Aster; October the Marigold; November, chrysanthemum; and December birthday s the Poinsettia and Holly.

If traditional flowers cards mainly rely on the photographer's skill to render natural beauty in the most natural of ways, electronic cards often prove more complex due to the technology used in the processing of the picture. One can always choose between drawing-like flowers or nature-like ones depending on the message he or she wants to send. The great advantage here is that shades and hues are no longer a problem in terms of diversity when it comes to searching through the huge offer of online flowers cards. Remember, the monthly guide to flowers provides a basis for picking out flowers for a man or a woman, but other flowers are appropriate as well depending on whether you are buying them for a family member or the love of your life. It was my mom s birthday back in summer 1998.

Therefore, flowers cards have entered a new era of ultra-sophisticated means, not to mention that they often come together with witty messages that delight the receiver together with the sender's personal wishes. I was in London and she was in Birmingham. I decided to head to the internet. Typing in flowers London , then "florists Birmingham", I found the perfect flowers for her birthday. The flowers can be ordered online from London and sent to Birmingham, and would arrive early next morning. Regardless of whose birthday it is whether man or woman, son or daughter, husband or wife, girlfriend or boyfriend, flowers are always an appropriate and thoughtful gift that will be appreciated immensely. It is a good thing that the Internet provides us with the perfect way to bring magic to someone's otherwise casual day. So, feel free to send flowers cards to friends and family members to show them you think about them constantly!

When we think of ordering flowers online, it is usually for Mother's Day, or as another gift for someone who lives across the country from us. It's unusual to consider ordering flowers for our wedding online. Why is that? Maybe it is because we don't quite grasp the concept of ordering flowers for delivery as a gift and ordering flowers for delivery to the church for our big day as being the same. Do we know that it will be someone from a florist in our area filling the order and delivering the flowers? Are we afraid of some sort of mis-communication will take place and we will receive the wrong flower arrangement? That can happen anywhere.

Ordering flowers online is not much different than ordering flowers directly from the local florist. Florists made arrangements with each other years ago. If you ordered a bouquet of flowers to be delivered to your grandmother on her birthday from your local florist, that local florist would call the florist in the area closest to your grandmother's house to make the floral arrangement and the delivery. The same thing happens when you order flowers online. The online florist will make the floral arrangements through the florist in your area who will also deliver them to the location you have specified.

A tradition that is as old as the ceremony itself, flower giving is an important part of a wedding ceremony. Normally used as ornaments, good luck charms and even as part of the outfit itself, flowers carries with it, tons of symbolisms and meanings. Originally given to guests as wedding gifts due to it's cheap nature and ready availability in large amounts, flowers have now become an important and pricey gift that should be involved in any major wedding ceremony.

The first form of flowers as gifts would be in a simple form of pin-ups, in which a guest is given a small pin with live or fake flowers to pin up on their outfit to mark them as guests. Some weddings would even go to the extent of purchasing bracelets of live flowers to be used by the lady guests.

Then comes the bouquet in which the bride would throw backwards towards the lady guests in hopes that whosoever catches it is blessed with happiness and a prosperous wedding in the near future. The origin of this custom is unknown and could date back to the early days of wedding ceremonies in where royalties would throw flowers to commoners as a sign of political status and power.

In some eastern countries, such as Malaysia, another form of flowers is given out as gifts, the 'Bunga Telur' which literally means flower and egg. This is is usually given out after the wedding as a sign of perfect fertile unison. So, flowers in general, holds it's place in wedding ceremonies as gifts of love and good fortune to the receiver.

You don't have to worry about them going through the postal system or UPS. FedEx doesn't even deliver the floral arrangements for you. You will have the flowers you ordered brought fresh and to the door by the local florist who has been contacted by the online florist. When florist first started working with each other around the country and possibly even around the world, they started with the FTD florists. Times have changed, but the way florist work together to make fresh flower deliveries has not. They have had this practice in place for over 100 years and they do it well.

So now you don't have to worry about where the florist is located when ordering flowers to be delivered. The florist can be in Burlington, Ontario, but you will still receive a fresh bouquet of the flowers you ordered at your door. Flowers can be used to demonstrate love as well as to show congratulations after a performance of some kind. Give flowers after a speech, a drama performance, a dance recital, or music recital. Flowers are a fun way to celebrate almost any occasion including birthdays, weddings, and holidays.

Warm the Heart

Use flowers to warm the heart as often as you can come up with an "excuse" to do so.

You will come to be known as the "flower gifter!" Have some fun with it!

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