Easter Flowers

Easter is definitely a holiday of renewal, not only do we find ourselves spiritually enriched, but we definitely become more vibrant and perceptive of the world around us: fellow human beings and nature as well. This is probably the reason for which we delight in decorating our homes and offices with symbolic spring flowers that are strongly connected to the new life Christ brought for us. Irises, tulips, roses, lilies and daffodils are probably among the most cherished Easter flowers of all. Simply sending the spring message and bringing smiles on our faces, Easter flowers are a holiday must-have. These are flowers, like the Poinsettia that only blooms during winter. Annual flowers are flowers that you can plant during all kinds of season or the kind that bloom during different seasons of the year. These kinds of flowers are good for planting in your back yard. The best however are the kinds that survive all year long and do not cost a bundle to maintain.

Easter flowers always speak the language of abundance, radiance and fertility; they shake us back to life and remind us of the joy of new beginnings; pure and fragile as children, they definitely reflect the master mind that has created them. Whether you want to buy Easter flowers for your home or offer them as a gift, there are plenty of fortunate choices you could make: scented blossoms, for instance, are truly marvellous. A pure natural scent that reminds one of a garden in bloom is more than perfect to create a wonderful holiday atmosphere. Let's see how Easter flowers could actually reinvigorate your house and existence in general. When choosing flowers for your garden it is best to choose flowers that you know when they will bloom. Annual flowers are always the best choice to plant in your back yard or garden. The flowers that grow in different seasons are the kind of flowers we can get annual.

White lilies are among the first Easter flowers to get our attention; they represent ancient symbols of the Resurrection, being very often chosen to decorate church altars and religious representations as a sign of homage. Lilies will definitely lend you something of their purity and grace, and you'll actually come to associate their scent with Easter in general. They are very well complemented by other Easter flowers: tulips and daffodils that usually send a more vibrant and colourful message. Fragile, yet resistant, tulips and daffodils are among the first spring flowers to grow in some parts of the world; therefore, the message they send is more of an impulse to live plentifully.

Make your choice of annual flowers is important because if you choose poorly the flower will rot before you have a chance to plant it. There are three choices you can make when choosing annual flowers. You can either buy hardy annuals, half hardy annuals and tender annuals. The difference between the three is that they bloom during different types of weather and soil conditions.


There are lots of traditions and customs related to Easter flowers in different parts of the world: lilies are the favourite ones in the USA as they are said to have sprung from the very place where Christ's blood fell to the ground. Pussy willows are the symbolic Easter flowers in the United Kingdom, whereas in other parts of Europe red tulips and yellow daffodils are used to adorn houses. Whichever the cultural background, one thing is for sure, the celebration of the most important Christian holiday definitely requires a correspondence between the external natural renewal and the spiritual redeeming inside of us. The best kind of flowers to plant during winter is hardy annuals that flourish during the cold season like in December. These flowers are usually planted during the spring season or fall season when the weather is slightly cold. . Unlike other annuals these hardy annual flowers don't like hot weather as they are not heat tolerant. Some of the hardy flowers include foxglove, sweet alyssum, viola, calendula, cornflowers, pansy and many more. The half hardy annual flowers include snow-on -the-mountain, torenia, blue sage and several others.

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