Hooded Fleece

The head, the hands and the feet are the body parts most exposed to suffering because of bad weather; these extremities are the ones that cost you the most body warmth if you don't wear special protection gear. People are often unaware that the lack of proper head equipment and clothing can lead to a serious deterioration of the health condition and even to death in truly extreme conditions. The necessity to wear clothes that bring protection from head to toe is the very reason behind the design of hooded fleece jackets. Consequently hoods are now an important detail of every sports coat design.

Hooded fleece coats are both fashionable and reliable in chilly weather, yet we should mention that they are often an insufficient protection against cold. By their very design hoods do not ensure a proper insulation of the head area, since they are not tight. They only become 100% efficient when they are worn together with a fleece hat for instance. Such considerations are by no means a way of diminishing the importance of hooded fleece apparel items, as the efficiency of the hoods in general has long been proved. Their main impact is against rain and wind, they are not primarily designed to keep warm.

We can talk about a primary or outer protection layer offered by hooded fleece items, given the features of fleece fabric, even if they get wet, you will still not feel the cold. Moisture is evenly spread on the surface of the fleece material which facilitates easy evaporation. Hooded fleece lining is one other important element that deserves all the attention. Most often, fleece is used for the inner part of the hood as a means of keeping warm, while the outside layer is manufactured from a windproof or waterproof material for advanced comfort.

Regular hooded fleece jackets are designed for casual wear, but depending on the technical highlights of the clothing, they may also be used for more specific purposes, when going skiing or snowboarding. Hooded jackets are available for all user categories: men, women and children. The main brands in the business have actually developed true product lines to much the customers' expectations. Have a look around the online shops and see what the general trends really are; it would be a good idea to go for those jackets that have a detachable hooded fleece part that can be taken away when it gets warm.

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