Fleece Socks

Anyone who's suffered from cold weather at least once will truly appreciate what a great help fleece socks are when it comes to insulation and personal comfort during winter days. Made from recycled fibers, fleece socks are 100% polyesters that act as a barrier against cold and moisture. Fleece is a highly breathable fabric, which means that your feet will not get cold because of the sweat: the air circuit ensured by this material will allow perspiration to evaporate while the skin surface will remain dry. Fleece socks come in a variety of designs and colors, being suitable for casual boots or professional mountain footwear.

The manufacturing of fleece socks brought a true revolution in terms of the technological process involved. These special apparel items are known as the padded socks, and they provide a superior comfort in terms of warmth. Fleece socks are ideal for camping, hiking, skiing and any sports activity that will take you out in the open on any type of weather. Wet and cold conditions definitely require comfortable feet protection; it is therefore advisable that you adjust the apparel items to the activity and weather conditions, even the thickness of the fleece socks used can be thus determined.

Unlike traditional sock models, fleece socks have very few seams due to the fact that the place of connection creates discomfort and favors the formation of blisters. Therefore, fleece socks tend to reduce the risk of getting blisters and thus the danger of infected skin areas is drastically lower. Moreover, tests indicate that fleece socks solve another problem: that of the impact of extended boot wearing. They actually tend to reduce the pressure put on the feet by the wear of heavy and bulky foot wear for extended periods of time.

Therefore, fleece socks make a huge difference when it comes to feet comfort; they provide a contoured fit while eliminating the problems associated with seams. Moreover, extensive wear has proved that fleece socks will reduce the effort the sole is exposed to, by absorbing shocks and reducing the level of tiredness. And last but not least, even when these socks get slightly damp because of extended perspiration, they still preserve their features and provide a good level of quality. Try wearing fleece socks on the first outdoor expedition, and see how well you feel. You can even make a test: wear a pair of regular cotton socks for half a day, and fleece socks for the rest of the time, and see the results.

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