Fleece Sheets

Traditionally made from silk and cotton, sheets have entered a new manufacturing stage with the use of revolutionary materials such as fleece fabric. Once you try fleece sheets you'll surely see that they are probably the softest sheets you have ever slept on; some people even claim that they'd rather use fleece instead of other very expensive materials such as the one thousand thread count sheets. What are the advantages of using fleece sheets? First of all, they are incredibly soft and comfortable, not to mention that the warmth level will double; they can be used with regular mattresses or you may even choose a fleece blanket to match.

It goes without saying that fleece sheets are best used during the cold times of the year, and they surely don't make a good choice in summer time. They were first invented as an alternative to the flannel sheets most people use in winter. Both varieties are widely available in stores and online shops, yet we need to mention the washing features specific to fleece sheets, as you may have to us a softener in order to preserve the quality of the material. Always follow the directions concerning the water temperature: the label of some fleece sheets may read “cold washing only”, whereas others may be cleaned in warm water too.

Though primarily designed to keep you warm, fleece sheets can actually be used all year round as the fabric also has the capacity of absorbing moisture. Nevertheless, it is worth mentioning that the comfort level will be slightly reduced since fleece sheets cannot provide the coolness that cotton models would. Therefore take advantage of the cold season to use such items, particularly since most of them are decorated with patterns specific to the cold period of the year. Polar bears, penguins, reindeer, stars, ivy and other Christmas motifs are among the most popular decorations available for these fleece sheets.

As part of promotional marketing techniques, stores also sell matching blankets for their fleece sheets. This kind of bedding is feather light and most important: hypoallergenic, which makes it ideal for people who suffer from various allergies. It is worth saying that it is preferable not to iron the fleece sheets, since the fabric is conceived in such a way so as to resume its former look after washing; there should be no problem with shrinking or pilling particularly if you buy some quality fleece sheets. This is the very reason for which it is a better idea not to go for the greatest bargain. Enjoy shopping!

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