Fleece Poncho

Ponchos were very popular in the sixties and the seventies, but fashion has a way of going back on a trodden path and re-contextualize older trends. Fleece ponchos are easy to make and very comfortable to wear; they look great no matter the age and the occasion on which you wear them. The good part about fleece is that it does not require any sewing at all, and it will never ravel; therefore, you can actually make a fleece poncho on your own with some cute fabric patterns and minimum skill.

With a little help from an adult, a kid can make a fleece project on his / her own; such an activity stimulates creativity and develops self-confidence; it can be organized as a school project or it can be put into practice right at home. For a more trendy look, fringes and colorful beads can be added to a fleece poncho, all contributing to a very funny and pleasant experience. The first thing one needs to do when trying to make such an apparel item is to find the fabric and choose the pattern of the poncho.

If you are trying to make a fleece poncho for a kid, then animal, flower and geometric prints are usually the favorite. In case you are interested in a poncho for a grown-up, you'll be surprised at the rich diversity of models, sizes and designs available in clothes shops. Keep in mind the fact that a fleece poncho should be a little above the knee, therefore, sizing the material could be critical. A square of fleece fabric is the best thing to start with, when designing the poncho on your own.

Decide on the size before going to buy the fleece fabric, so that you may ask the shop assistant to cut you the right piece of material directly. Thus, once you have the material for the fleece poncho cut in advance, you'll save time and be able to get to other decorative items that involve a more laborious process. A fleece poncho with or without a hood is a comfortable way of getting dressed in a few seconds even for cold weather.

A fleece poncho is often a lightweight solution for people who'd like to feel warm and casual at the same time; it is also a good alternative to a sweater, but much easier to handle when it comes to putting it on. Depending on the design, a fleece poncho comes with or without a hood and with stitched hems and necklines.

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