Fleece Material

One of the most revolutionary fabrics of our times, fleece material enjoys the reputation of being light, reliable, warm and pretty cheap at the same time. Furthermore, the manufacturing process is tributary for the environment-friendly feature of the fabric, since fleece material comes from by-products of the petro-chemical industry. Presently, manufacturers can make fleece from almost any form of recycled plastic from pets to complex drinking containers.

The advantages of fleece material are manifold; first and foremost, it is very comfortable due to its light weight and anti-perspiration structure. Most of the sports equipment designed for winter wear use fleece material in the basic layers of the apparel items. Given the pore structure of the fabric, fleece material allows the elimination of the perspiration from the skin surface, while blocking the access of humidity from the outside. It is a one-way circuit that serves well for the purpose of anyone who does a lot of physical activity out in the open.

Besides high levels of comfort owing to the excellent insulation properties, fleece material is machine washable and very quick to dry; nevertheless, it is good to follow the washing instructions so as not to deteriorate the fabric by using a too high washing temperature. Moreover, fleece provides an excellent alternative to those people who are allergic to wool, not to mention that it preserves its properties even when wet. When exposed to rainy conditions, you'll be surprised to see how well the hydrophobic features of fleece material help you!

Depending on the manufacturing company, various types of fleece and polartec are available on the market; in some cases the fleece material has a combined structure of recycled polyester fibers and organic wool. Top brand names depend on such innovations for the success of their products regardless if we are talking about autumn or winter collections.

Among the disadvantages of fleece material we should include its easy flammability and the generation of high static electric charges. The latter feature makes fleece material a true magnet for dust, animal hair and microscopic particles present in the air. It is highly recommended that you purchase a quality product, even if it implies paying more, otherwise, you risk to face easy fleece tearing or deterioration.

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