Fleece Hat

Open air activities often imply getting exposed to harsh weather conditions; without proper apparel items you can seriously deteriorate your health temporarily or for an indefinite period of time. Hats, gloves, snow, rain and wind protection are “must-have” items for everyone who goes hiking, skiing, snowboarding or climbing. Sports wear manufacturing has therefore been forced to face the challenges of creating lightweight equipment that would insure a maximum protection level. A simple fleece hat can tell you a great deal about the comfort level necessary for optimal body resistance.

Fleece is the best fabric presently used for the manufacturing of sports clothing: it is tightly knit, thick and breathable at the same time. A fleece hat for instance will keep you warm and provide great protection against harsh weather. Nevertheless, the quality and the design of the fleece hat are closely connected with the protection level they provide. A good word of advice is that you always purchase multi-layered fleece products that will not only keep you warm but they will also keep rain and wind away. Such aspects are crucial given the fact that the head and the hands are the body parts where temperature drops drastically.

A very modern and technologically advanced design combines polar fleece fabric with Gore Tex protection; such a fleece hat will have a waterproof and windproof screen incorporated between two fleece layers. The fabric on the outer side of the fleece hat will necessarily be thicker than the softer one used on the inside. Both fleece and Gore Tex are materials that will allow the skin to breathe, spreading the perspiration evenly on their surface and thus enabling an easy evaporation process. It is good to know that a Gore Tex-included fleece hat will usually cost you double than a regular one.

Moreover, for mountaineering purposes, there is the advanced option of a fleece hat that comes together with a face protection too. Most such items usually have the mask-like protection incorporated, and they serve for the very same purpose of preserving the body warmth that is wasted on the uncovered body parts. Together with the gloves and the boots, the fleece hat is one of the most important items of equipment designed for direct contact with a potentially hostile or aggressive environment. The use of the hat can be supported by the hood adjacent to a jacket; yet it is good to know that fleece hats can also be worn as casual wear, without any sports purpose whatsoever.

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