Fleece Fabric

The majority of sportswear production heavily relies on materials such as fleece fabric for the all-year round collections; this preference is easily explainable if we consider the great advantages fleece brings, while combined with the highest manufacturing technologies. A “super” fleece fabric will match an incredibly vast range of weather conditions, allowing the user to wear it for a variety of activities.

Fleece fabric brings good insulation, but it is often used as outwear too because of its increased durability. Wind resistance is a feature that can be incorporated in the design of a clothing item, being achieved by the use of a fleece fabric with a higher density. Though it will keep you well protected from the wind, a fleece jacket or vest will also enable the skin to breathe in the best of conditions.

What is the working principle behind the efficiency of the fleece fabric? By its construction as such, which can be more or less tight, fleece fabric reduces the effects of both cold and wind chill. The protection degree here very much depends on the type of fleece you choose: brand name and manufacturing techniques usually have a heavy word to say for both the price and the quality of such an apparel item.

The tightest fleece fabric will act as a great water repellent, which means that neither snow nor rain will be able to pass through it. Some designs especially created for winter or mountain wear include supplementary features such as a pebbled back that traps enough air to keep you warm. You'll be surprised to discover that even after long-term use, and repeated laundering, a good fleece fabric will preserve its appearance as well as its initial insulating properties.

Fleece fabric has been included in the “next-to-skin” category, which means that it is designed to eliminate sweat immediately, leaving the skin dry and comfortable. It is good to know that the next-to-skin apparel also provides a variable degree of stretch, from moderate to supportive, depending on the type of activity you use the item for: casual wear or sports competition.

In a nutshell, the highlights of fleece fabric include insulation and proper skin breathing conditions, which definitely makes this material different from the traditional insulating fabrics. Therefore, fleece fabric ensures the comfort of the wearer, unhindered movement as well as moisture elimination. Depending on the cut of the sportswear, fleece fabric can often be worn casually for a variety of activities, particularly during the cold or cool seasons of the year.

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