Fleece Coats

Especially designed for harsh weather conditions fleece coats provide advanced protection when worn both casually or for professional purposes. If at the beginning, fleece manufacturers mainly targeted athletes and mountaineers, they are now addressing the regular needs of each of us: we all need warmth and comfort on cold and chilly days. Fleece coats can be purchased as such or as part of suits, being available in regular sports shops as well as online. Prices vary depending on the additional features of the clothes as well as on the brand name; you can therefore expect to pay more for a Polartec fleece coat than for a no-name jacket.

Fleece has great insulation properties and it is successfully used for temperatures that drop below 30C, in polar regions or in high mountain areas. Moreover, fleece coats have special linings and wind breaking features included, they are usually designed in such a way that a special wind and rain protection screen is trapped between fleece fabric layers. The outer one may be coarser and thicker so that it may resist to outside pressure, while the internal one will be soft and comfortable. You may also need to know that high quality fleece coats also have the shock-absorbing property.

Skiers, snowboarders or mountain climbers expose themselves to a higher injury risk by the very nature of the sport they practice. Fleece coats can help prevent certain rather superficial injuries at the first direct contact with snow or ice for instance. The resistance of polar fleece material is definitely remarkable under the circumstances. Furthermore, one other great property of fleece coats is that they are light and breathable at the same time; this modern fabric allows the air circulation from the inside towards the exterior, thus favoring sweat evaporation and keeping the skin dry.

For advanced protection against bad weather conditions, fleece coats should be worn with fleece vests or fleece sweatshirts underneath. This is the perfect way of increasing the insulation level and preserving the body temperature constant. Super fleece coats don't come cheap at all, you may even expect them to cost up to $200 or even more. Nevertheless, always check the technical highlights of such clothing items and compare the prices before making the purchase; this is the major advantage of online shops: they enable one to get a picture of what exactly the general market tendency actually is.

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