Fleece Blankets

Whether you need them for camping or keeping warm at night, fleece blankets make a really good purchase and a true bargain sometimes. Designed of a slightly different fleece fabric that the one used for clothes, these blankets provide high insulation levels, insuring comfort and coziness on cold winter nights. The material they are made of is thicker and rougher than that used for clothing items, nevertheless the general features are the same.

First and foremost, fleece is 100% polyester made from chemical by-products and PET; the environment-friendly nature of fleece blankets as well as the reduced manufacturing costs are the real explanation for the success of such products. There are thousands of fleece producers all over the world, and though the manufacturing process may differ in terms of quality standards, the insulation advantages of the material are nonetheless undeniable.

Since they do not necessarily require sewing, fleece blankets are easy to make at home. No seams often mean less trouble washing and lower shrinkage possibilities. Fleece blankets can be used for babies, children and adults, not to mention that you can usually match them with the rest of the decorations in the house. Yet, keep in mind that such blankets are suitable for bedrooms and children's rooms, they are not so great for the living-room couch for instance.

You can add fringes and even beads to home-made fleece blankets; it is recommendable that you measure the couch or the bed on which you intend to throw the blanket so that you don't have surprises when it comes to sizing. If you have all the details you can actually have the fabric cut according to your wishes when you are at the store; this is a good way of saving time and energy rather than prepare the material for the fleece blankets yourself.

Fleece blankets are very good for children, as they keep your little ones warm all night long. The only mention here is that you should not decorate the baby blankets with beads, since they may get detached and be accidentally swallowed by the little one.

Last but not least, get informed about the washing features of fleece blankets; this fabric usually behaves well in the washing machine, but depending on the manufacturing process certain precaution measures may be required in order to avoid deterioration. On a common basis, soft detergents and warm water are used for cleaning these blankets.

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