Fleece Blanket

A fleece blanket adds comfort and warmth to a cold day or night: they are ideal for both adults and children and incredibly practical by the low weight and the great insulation properties. Fleece is presently known as a very reliable material for clothes, blankets and slippers because it ensures a usage level that is superior to other regular fabrics. A fleece blanket will have to be durable, especially if you use it for children; therefore, carefully choose the items before purchase, to make sure that the quality standard is the desired one.

A fleece blanket or a fleece bedding can be used all year round providing a cozy feeling from head to toe. The designs of the fleece blanket can be chosen so as to match either the rest of the room decor or the expectations of your children who'd enjoy a vivid and delightful design. Though prints are the most widely available, paint and colors are not a problem, the polyesters in the structure of a fleece blanket ensure easy care for. Moreover, a fleece blanket has the advantage of being hypo-allergic, which works just great for people who cannot use wool or other organic materials.

You can make a fleece blanket right at home, without having to sew anything at all, except for the case when you'd like to add some fringes or beads. There are plenty of tips to find on the Internet about how to start this piece of work; you can plan everything as part of a workshop and even get your children involved when it is the case. A fleece blanket works great for a variety of occasions like when you go out for a picnic or when you send your children camping or on a scouting expedition.

In order to avoid mis-sizing, it is a good idea to use more than a yard of fabric for the fleece blanket. Even when making the thing for a child or a teenager, you're still going to need a proper width and length; add the hems and the fleece blanket could look incredibly smaller. You can also choose a reversible blanket meaning that you'll be able to use it on both sides: you will able to put together two different designs and change them according to your mood. Last but not least, make sure not to expose the fleece to temperatures higher than 60C or you may damage the polyesters in the structure of the blanket.

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