Fleece Baby Blankets

Thick fleece fabric makes a great material for all sorts of blankets, it keeps warm throughout the year, it doesn't require sewing and it is easy to wash too. Many people actually choose to design fleece baby blankets on their own; this is actually a common practice among the mothers-to-be who are anxious to get everything ready for the coming baby. Fleece baby blankets are easy to make even if you want to sew the material, as we are talking about a sewing machine-friendly fabric. Furthermore it has the advantages of being smooth and washable, maintaining its qualities even after repeated cleaning episodes.

Before making fleece baby blankets it is advisable to wash the material with gentle detergent in order to make it safe for the use of the little ones. The most fashionable designs for baby fleece blankets included printed patterns with geometric figures, cartoon characters, flowers and animals. Fringes and beads are often included as decorative details, yet, you should be sure that they are well attached to the blanket and represent no risk to the child. Improperly sewn decorations can be swallowed by small children: make sure the items are safe before using them as such.

For the cold season you may choose double-layered fleece baby blankets. The fabric should be tested for skin contact, to see how it feels against the more gentle body parts such as the neck or the face. Children and babies are most sensitive to fabric smoothness, therefore, you need to make sure that softness is the primary feature of the blanket. Sometimes two fleece types are sewn together so that the blanket is perfectly compatible with baby care. A good example here is the combination of coarse and more loosely made fabric for the backing with sweatshirt fleece on the top.

Though with baby fleece blankets you are usually safe from shrinkage, it doesn't hurt to buy the blanket a little larger so that you can better wrap it around the baby as a form of draft protection. Pastel colors are ideal for baby use, they look nice and bright; the rule of blue for boys and red or pink for girls does not stay valid when it comes color matching your baby's apparel items. Sometimes it is worth paying a few extra dollars for some quality fleece baby blankets instead of getting some cheap item that may become loose or shrink after repeated washing.

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