Texas Flag

The current Texas flag was adopted in 1993 after the revisions done under the state statutes. The Texas flag as it is today, was adopted on the 24th of January 1839 as the national flag of the Texan Republic. The Texas flag is known also by the name of the Lone Star Flag. Though the designer of this flag is unknown, at least we have information as to when it was proposed for the first time. This happened in the Third Congress of the Republic and William Wharton was the one who did it. The Lone Star Flag is the fourth of the six national Texas flag „systems” so to say.

The flag was actually adopted as the state flag in 1854 when Texas became the 28th state of the US. The broad significance of the colors on the Texas flag is mainly as that of the colors on the flag of the US. Blue means loyalty, white stands for purity and red signifies bravery. These colors have the duty to convey moral lessons to people. They are hugely symbolic and express the allegiance of the state of Texas to the nation.

The official and exact description of the Texas flag was adopted just recently by the state legislature. According to it, the Texas flag is a rectangle with a width to length ratio of two to three. The pattern consists of one blue vertical stripe – one third the entire length of the flag wide and two equal horizontal stripes of which the upper one is white whereas the lower one is red, each two thirds the entire length of the flag long.

The other element of the Texas flag is the white, regular five-pointed star which is in the middle of the blue stripe with one point facing upwards. The size of the star was so calculated that a circle unifying the points of the star has a diameter equal to three-fourths the width of the blue stripe. Besides the symbolism of the colours on the Texas flag we should also be aware of the significance of the five points of the star on it.

They represent the positive traits a man should possess: morality, prudence, bravery, loyalty and broadmindedness. Hence the Texas flag was designed keeping in mind the the features of a good human. Therefore, it does not only represent the Republic but also the characteristics of Texans. Six Flags over Texas is one amusement park/funfair in Arlington; San Antonio Texas also has alot of fun and adventurous rides to offer in its Six Flag Fiesta amusement park.

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