Rebel Flags

What are rebel flags? There is no strict definition for rebel flags. However, as it is known from history, and especially when talking about American flags, it is a fact that during the Civil War, many Southern states that left the Union, wanted their own flags. The name rebel flags comes from these Confederate or Rebel states which detached and wanted their own flag to fly. The first of the rebel flags that ever flew in the American history was the Bonnie Blue; this flag was never adopted by the confederacy, yet it was very popular among people. Actually, the officially admitted of the rebel flags was the Stars and Bars which flew between March of 1862 and May of 1863.

Unfortunately, the Stars and Bars resembled the Union Stars and Stripes too much that the Confederate states decided they had to come up with a more different and unique design for this rebel flag. Then the most famous rebel flag was the Confederate Battle Flag, also called the Southern Cross. This was taken by Confederate soldiers to war, during battle. The second Confederate flag design was adopted on the first of May 1863, thus placing the Battle Flag as a canton on a whild field. This second official of the rebel flags was baptized the Stainless Banner. In calm weather, the Stainless Banner was mistaken for a truce flag as it showed a lot/mostly, actually, white. Because of this aspect the Confederates had to consider creating a third official rebel flag.

This third of the official Confederate rebel flags was adopted on the 4th of March 1865. This one was called Last Confederate Flag and was the same as the previous one in design, except that it had a wide red stripe on the fly end. As the end of the war was close, the Last Confederate Flag had a very short life. The best known of the rebel flags remains the Confederate Battle Flag, especially since it appeared in a popular TV show called Dukes of Hazard. In the show, the flag was painted on the top of the car belonging to the Duke Boys. Besides, this Confederate flag has appeared on a number of southern state flags at different times. At present, the only state which still keeps the rebel flag as part of their state flag, is Mississippi.

The first official of the Confederate rebel flags, the Stars and Bars, had seven stars when first raised over the capitol building - that was the number of Confederate states at the time. Soon it came to nine stars, and in time to thirteen. The reason why this Confederate rebel flag appears in many different variants is because of the lack of centralized purchase of rebel flags. As for the last of the official rebel flags, the element added to distinguish it from the previous whitish, surrender-like flag, was a red bar added towards its fly end. This last Confederate rebel flag only worked for 36 days until the South surrendered on the 9th of April 1865.

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