Flag Etiquette

Flags are important, sacred symbols of every nation and this is why standards of respect have been set up with regard to them. The flag etiquette is the flag code which formalizes and unifies the traditional manners in which a flag is given respect. The flag etiquette also contains specific instructions on how the flag must not be used. According to the flag etiquette, the flag should be cleaned and mended when it is necessary. When the flag is lowered the flag etiquette says it must not by any means be left to touch the ground or any other object but it must be received with waiting hands and arms.

About the storing of the flag, flag etiquette states that it must be folded in a neat and ceremonious manner before put away. Other things which are not allowed by the flag etiquette refer to the way it should be placed, the usages some might think of for the flag, and the way the flag is built and maintained as well as who and how they can use it.

The US have a very complex and strict flag etiquette and code which illustrates the Americans’ respect for their flag. The instructions and requirements in the American flag etiquette refer to the following situations: when to display the flag, how to fly, display, salute the flag and how to dispose of the worn flags.

According to the flag etiquette, the flag should be displayed on all the days weather permitting and especially on legal holidays and other special occasions, from sunrise to sunset, on buidings or stationary flagstaffs in the open. Citizens may display the flag whenever they want to. The flag etiquette states that the flag must be raised and lowered only by hand and unfurled, slowly and ceremoniously.

Remember that flying the flag at half-staff means mourning. In such cases first hoist the flag to the peak and only after that, to the half-staff position. Regarding the place of the flag on the flagpole, you should know that only at the UN Headquarters, the UN flag may be placed above the flags of the member nations whereas in the UN enclave, the national flags of all the member nations are flown at the same height.

Generally when flags of more nations are displayed together they must be hoisted on separate flagstaffs of the same height as the international flag etiquette also rules that it is forbidden to display the flag of one nation above that of another one at peace. Another of the set of instructions in the American flag etiquette refers to the manner of displaying the flag.

If in a procession with another flags or flag, the Stars and Stripes should be at the right-front of the column, or when in a line of other flags, in front of the center of that line. The American flag etiquette also instructs that the flag must not be carried horizontally or flat but always aloft and floating free. These are just a few of the instructions and rules in the flag etiquette and code in the American and international environment. For more information you can access the Internet and find all the necessary data.

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