Costa Rica Flagt

The facts about the costa rica flag are as follow. The flag was officially adopted on the 27th of November, 1906. In spite of the time of official admission, the design of the Costa Rica flag with the blue, white and red horizontal stripes was actually created and has been used since 1848. At the time Costa Rica left the Federal Republic of Central America, declaring itself a sovereign republic. Inspired by the colors of the French flag, the wife of president Jose Maria Castro Madriz created the Costa Rica flag. The state and war flag and ensign at the same time comprise the coat of arms of the country. On the other hand the civil ensign ( there is no civil flag in Costa Rica) left out the coat of arms and is shorter.

The colors on the Costa Rica flag stand for the sky, idealism and perseverance, opportunities –the blue; peace, happiness and wisdom – the white and the blood shed by the martyrs for independence and the generosity and armth of the people as well – the red. The ratio of the stripes is 1:1:2:1:1. The Costa rica flag resembles the flag of Thailand, which was adopted 11 years after this one, and the flag of North Korea. The designer of the costa rica flag also had in mind the ideals of the French revolution: freedom, equality and brotherhood.

The costa rica flag design consists of the five horizontal stripes as follows: a red stripe is located in the center between two white stripes which, in turn are between two blue stripes. Each strip is one-sixth of the total width of the flag except fronm the red one which is two-sixths of the total width. Costa Rica's coat of arms is found on the red line on the Costa Rica flag and the three volcanoes of the country are depicted in it. Since its adoption in 1906, only minor modifications were brought to the Costa Rica flag, among which the number of stars of the shield grew to seven in 1964.

Flag in Castilian Spanish has two distinct meanings. Thus the use of the Costa Rica flag is also different. Bandera refers to the national flag and Pabello’n Nacional refers to a national flag with the national shield on the center of the red stripe. Pabello’n Nacional is used by high schools, primary schools, public offices, government offices, foreign missions and merchant ships whereas parties or civil activities people will use the Bandera. Not only is the Costa Rica flag with arms forbidden for use by private citizens but so is the one without the coat of arms. There is a law regulating the use of flag by citizens and this law prescribes that private individuals can only fly the Costa Rica flag without the coat of arms on national holidays.

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