Confederate Flag

As there is so much controversy regarding the confederate flag, it is necessary to go over some dates and facts in history, briefly, before talking about it. First you will receive some information about the origin and evolution of the confederate flag. The Confederate States of America formed in the early 1861. It was obviously a necessity at the time to create a new flag for a new nation, the confederate flag. For this purpose the Committee on the Flag and Seal was formed to deal with the job. Basically there were two different trends or schools of thought in creating the flag.

One was for creating a flag very similar to the Existing US flag. The other supported the idea of making a totally different one. As there was still a strong feeling of allegiance to the original American flag, the popular opinion was also in favor of a confederate flag that would be similar to the old one. As a result such a flag was created and proposed. This firstly proposed flag resembled the old one but it replaced the stripes with three bars. It had seven stars, one for each member of the confederacy at the time and it was named „Stars and Bars”.

Even today, people still refer sometimes to this confederate flag as the „Stars and Bars”. The other group proposed several different flags for the new confederate flag, one of which resembled the flag that was to become the Confederate Battle flag later on. The battle flag of the confederacy was typically square but as it is dispalayed today, it is rectangular in shape and its proportions are similar to those of other national and state flags. The question that keeps arising is whether the confederate flag was always square at the time of the Civil.

In the spring of1861 the supporters of the similar flag won their case and the „Stars and Bars” became the first official national confederate flag. It was first used officially on the 4th of March 1861 on the occasion of the inauguration of Jefferson Davies. In time more states joined the Confederacy and, normally more stars had to be added to the design of the confederate flag. The number of stars amounted to 13 eventually. This new flag gained widespread acceptance and allegiance within the confederate army and among the large public, too. The national confederate flag is almost forgotten today and the battle flag of the Army of Northern Virginia has become the symbol most often associated with the confederacy. It still remains a controversial topic and a divisive symbol in the present.

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