Poratble Dry Erase Boards

Portable Dry Erase Boards are cool for travelers especially. The Dry Erase Board is a white note board in which the markings can be erased with any soft dry material such as a paper towel or cloth. The chalkboards were once used extensively and the chalk used can be messy and dusty. The dry erase board is extremely light in weight and its dry-erase markers or pens come in many colors. The background of the board itself is white, which creates crisp, bright writing. It's also easier to erase the markings from dry erase board than in a chalkboard.

Dry erase boards are light in weight and they can be hung easily on any wall. Small, personal portable boards are of low-cost and commonly framed in white plastic. They can be fastened on the wall with double-sided tape. The larger boards which are framed in aluminum or wood and are hung traditionally on wall. These can be handy for working on storylines, or other highly complicated projects.

The first whiteboard was made of melamine or enameled hardboard surface. It was the apt solution to the chalkboard, except that it showed ghosting defects in a short time and was not easy to keep it clean. The first porcelain, magnetic whiteboard is believed to have been produced by Magi boards in the UK.

Portable dry erase boards are also known as free-standing or stand alone dry erase boards, reversible dry erase boards and mobile dry erase boards. Each has a number of whiteboard options available. Some whiteboards are permanently imprinted with music staffs for composers to jot down when they strike upon a note.

The portable whiteboards have double locking mechanism which keeps the whiteboards from turning around or flipping until there is a need them to flip. Each portable whiteboard has four casters, and two locking mechanisms.

The easily portable Folding Display Easel is perfect for displaying educational messages in offices and schools. A middle tray holds the writing accessories and a marker tray runs along the bottom frame of each board. An option for a lower storage tray is offered for holding accessories that are worthy of having at hand for immediate access. They can all be easily stored when they are not in use.

Whiteboard portables are made of lightweight aluminum and are height adjustable so they can be set up as presentation board on tabletops. This complete portable includes frame, marker board, flipchart bar and markers. These markers are available in a wide range of color variants.

Mobile Boards another name for portable boards have an elegant, contemporary look and offer a pivot reversible board on mobile casters, built with firmness, fashion, and strength. The boards are available in various designs and we can choose one of our choice. The porcelain or high pressure laminated erase boards are some of the options available.

From professional applications to norm use, and from wall coverings to personal note boards, these portable dry erase boards can be useful to everyone.

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