MAGNETIC DRY ERASE BOARDS make good gift items. A Dry erase board which is also called white board has the ability to attract variety of drawings and writings. The metallic properties on the surface of the board can attract magnets.

Silk screening and sublimation prints are produced with the help of ink markers facilitates the production of graphics. The graphical prints thus produced cannot be erased from the surface of the dry erase white board.

Magnetic dry erase white board is perfectly suitable for training rooms class rooms and rooms that are specially designed for the purposes of holding meetings conferences and other rooms with work environment. Several benefits can be obtained by using the magnetic dry erase board.

The porcelain board surfaces have longer durability when compared with board with the board surfaces that are made out of melamine resin and polyester coated steel. The board corner is bordered with hard wood or aluminum frame which has the capacity to accept and retain magnets.

Marker tray with maximum length is provided with the magnetic white board. The thickness of the board ranges up to 3/8 ". It extends sufficient facilities and space for hanging and retention of the installation kit. The surface that is glossy in the magnetic board has a maximum guarantee period up to 50 years.

Class rooms and modern business normally go in for dry erase white boards owing to the highlighted advantages. Boards are extremely helpful during presentation of notes. Information and suggestion list regarding project planning can be maintained with the help of the white board.

Facts that are relevant and important which needs the attention of the audience are noted on the boards. Connection of the computer with the projector is possible with the help of the white board that is interactive.

The desk top of the computer is projected on the board surface with the help of the projector. Control can be exercised by the user over the computer with the help of pen or finger. The magnetic white board can be wall mounted or it can be placed on the floor along with the supportive stand.

The dry erase board that is used for interaction purposes is often referred as touch sensitive computer screen. Various working groups corporate office training rooms sports persons involved in coaching activities and studio broad casting center varied levels of education are benefited out of the magnetic board.

Magnetic board is high quality white board that are specially framed and structured to work with superior efficiency during the process of detailing. Caster frames that have stability are required for the fixation of the magnetic board.

Software can be utilized for copying the required notes that are written on the board and the PC can be controlled excellently. Cursive writing can be effectively translated to the required text. Provision of steel casters is very advantageous.

Different materials with distinct benefits are helpful for the mounting of the board. Adequate space is offered for the holding of flip charts and the corner of the board is provided with brake discs which help in safety locking.

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