Dry Erase Marker

Dry Erase Markers often smell good! Actually, chalkboards were once used extensively and the chalks used were messy, difficult to read. The Dry Erase Board has many advantages and is extremely light in weight. The dry-erase markers used come in many colors, and the board with its white background, creates crisp and bright writing. It's also easier to erase the markings in white board than in chalkboard.

The Dry Erase Board also called as the White Board is named for its ability to be erased with a dry tissue or any soft dry material such as a paper towel or cloth. The advantage is in the board's unique dry-erase markers, which can be easily cleaned without water or any other means. If a regular marker pen is used on a Dry-Erase board it will not come off easy without water and will stain the board.

The dry erase board comes in all sizes and is made use of in countless applications. Professionals, advertisers and executives of all kinds make use of these large, framed white boards on rolling easels for everything from presentations to conferences. Many classrooms use these instead of dusty chalkboards. Restaurants often list their special dishes of the day or blue plate specials on smaller boards, and a white board hung by the kitchen phone is of great use for jotting messages, grocery lists and reminders.

Whiteboards are expensive than blackboards. In addition, only special markers are used on whiteboards. Using ordinary markers that resemble whiteboard markers and contain the wrong kind of ink can leave permenant markings that are hard or impossible to erase. However, some new techniques have been devised of late, in which we can fill them over with the right type of removable ink and then erasing the ink. The markings are then wiped with acetone or alcohol. Board cleaning sprays or prepackaged wipes are commercially available from the whiteboard manufacturers.

The hitch in the use of these markers is that some are sensitive or allergic to the sturdy odor of most whiteboard markers. This can be avoided with the use of reduced-odor markers. The markers may create a more persistent mess than the chalk, as it is difficult to remove its ink from anything other than the board; dry-erase ink causes stains in clothing.

Whiteboard markers use much more petroleum in their production than chalk, which is naturally occurring mineral. They have a tendency to dry out thus making their marks hard to see; during winter when the air is drier.

Whiteboard ink markings are less vulnerable to external factors, such as water or accidental erasure, because the ink adheres to some extent better than chalk does to chalkboards. The advantage of markers is that it does not generate dust, which comes from using and erasing chalk, thus allowing their use in areas which have dust-sensitive equipment such as labs.

The color variants that are available help us to highlight the important topics in our presentation and thus making a greater professional impact on the audience.

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