Dry Erase Erasers

Dry Erase Erasers are super. The trend of using dry erase boards is picking up. The main reason for this is, they are very easy to use and very handy. Unlike the old blackboards they are attractive, small, more stylish and extremely useful. The old chalkboards produce a lot of dust while writing or erasing. Further chalk marks don't go away completely even when erased. This causes a lot of visibility problems. So when something new is written on it, the contents mix up and make it difficult for one to understand. This problem has been completely eliminated by using a dry erase boards. The contents written can be erased without any problem with ease within matter of seconds. This is done by using the dry erase erasers.

The dust produced while erasing a chalkboard is known to cause a lot allergic problems to the users. The chalk dust settles on the clothes and makes them dirty. Asthmatic patients will probably have a very difficult time using the blackboard. After cleaning the chalkboard the dust has to be disposed. All these problems are eliminated by using the dry erase boards. The contents written can be effortlessly erased using dry erase erasers.

If the board is rinsed with clean water and a clean dry towel is used to clean a dry erase board before using, it makes a huge difference. It makes it much easier to write and erase the boards.

Usually dry erase board bristle erasers are used for erasing purposes. They remove dry erase marks as well as chalk. The ink on the erasers can easily be cleaned. All one has to do wash it with soap and water when needed.

Another type of eraser is the brush type eraser. They are more convenient than the old felt type ones as the ink residue don't tend to stick to it. The old type erasers tend to smudge the erase board when they are dirty and have to be regularly replaced. The brush type of eraser keeps the board cleaner.

These brushes come permeated with a unique formula that cleans and maintains the condition of any dry erase marker board. The large based erasers which come with comfort grip are great for relatively large erase boards like those found in conference halls and classrooms. The multi layer pads are available and can be replaced effortlessly so that one can renew the eraser when ink accumulates in it. Replacement Pads are available in wide range of variants and are cost effective.

Dry Erase Precision Point Erasers which comes in default with Replaceable Pads are also available. It's easy to hold shape with specially fabricated material which is used as its grip makes eraser easy to hold and simple to use. Erasers with precision point allow erasing information written with erroneous spelling. The mis placed and mis spelled words can be accurately removed from the written text.

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