Dry Erase Easel Boards

Dry Erase Easel Boards are fun to use. If you are an inspiring artist or aim to be one, you may have come across an easel necessary for your trade. Easels hold two media like a canvas or paper, while in work. Easels can also be used to exhibit finished work, in an art show or simply as a ornamental piece in your home

Easels are traditionally made of three legs, which form a trivet. The three legs are attached at the top. The two front legs are in a position opposing the center leg, which swings backward to form the tripod and supports the easel. A ledge running parallel across the two front legs supports the artwork.

Easels have been in use since ancient times. Early easels were probably very basic; the devise of modern easels has been enhanced and now offers artists many useful features. Large easels often have telescopic legs, which collapse to a shorter length for easy carrying. Some easels are made up of four legs, a sturdy base, wheels on the bottom for increased mobility, or multiple sides on which art can be worked on or put on show.

Easels come in lots of shapes and sizes. Small easels are available for the little ones. The smallest easels are placed on top of tables, while the largest easel stands on the floor. Easels may just hold canvas, paper, or a two dimensional piece of drawing.

This White Board which has found an extensive use in recent days is also used in combination with these easels. These white boards have a superior quality dry erase surface and are offered on steel base with casters; or it can be mount it on a height adjustable floor stand.

The adjustable height capability and included storage box that come along with these White Board Easels / Dry Erase Boards offer more than other normal boards. The double sided mobile easel is offered with melamine or porcelain steel surface which gives us the benefit of a magnetic board surface.

The whiteboard easels allow vertical or horizontal positioning of the boards. This style of easel gives us the freedom and ability to insert a panel onto its shelf holders and set it in a vertical or horizontal position for the presentations. Whiteboards are sold separately or with the easel built-in.

There is an another kind of White Board Easel called as the floor easel and is designed so that it rests like a "nest" with others like it for saving storage space. The curving of the board's frame is designed to provide easy maneuverability and storage. There are three inch casters of which two of them are locking ones, and allow us to position the display easels as required.

For frequent travelers special travel easels can be of a great use. These also include some of presentation accessories. The grey casing is made of blow molded high density polyethylene. When opened, we can notice that the panel casing has been placed with secure marker holders built into it.

There have been a lot of innovations involving White Boards and White Easel Boards. There are lots of variants available and we can choose the best one suiting our need. Light weight, retracting legs, and a set of carrying handles with many other added features has its distinctive advantages For all educational purposes like in workshops or training sessions we can find the right medium to make a professional presentation with these White Easel Boards.

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