Dry Erase Board Cabinet

Dry Erase Board Cabinets are cool. A dry erase board refers to a glossy surface on which impermanent marks can be made using marker pens. Most dry erase boards have replaced the chalkboard in conference halls. The dry erase board offers a glossy surface. Writing is done with alcohol based markers. The markers can be erased with ease and the board reused. This gives it an advantage over normal chalkboards. The dry erase board does not require chalk and can be cleaned very easily.

Instead of using chalk (as on chalkboards) to make the markings, a special dry erase board marker containing removable ink is used. Dry erase boards are constructed with one of the following materials:

-Melamine resin

-Polyester coated steel

-Porcelain enameled steel

Dry erase boards made of steel are magnetic. Therefore, you can use magnets to stick notes. Porcelain boards are more long-lasting than steel and melamine boards. Melamine boards and steel boards will lose color and turn grey, as ink from the markers enters into the pores of the substance. Porcelain, or vitreous enamel, is impervious to marker ink and will remain white throughout the lifespan of the dry erase board. This is one of the best features of the dry erase board.

Dry erase board ink marks are less inclined to damage from external factors, such as water or accidental removal of notes, because the ink sticks better than chalk does to blackboards. Using markers does not create the dust that comes from using and erasing chalk. This makes it an ideal option for areas which have to remain dust free and clean. It also provides a clean, friendly option for asthmatics or people who are allergic to dust.

A dry erase board can be used as the projection point for a presentation from an overhead projector. This allows the person giving the presentation to have complete accessibility to the notes and also deliver the presentation well. For instance, a form can be copied onto film rolls and projected, and the presenter can demonstrate how to fill it in on the dry erase board. Even so, projecting onto a board produces much more glare than onto a projection screen, making it quite tricky to read. Low glare projection whiteboards are available, but one has to sacrifice on the other qualities of these boards like erasing capability.

The dry erase cabinet offers easy operation. It has a sliding type door. The door can be slid sideways to reveal the board. This makes functionality easier. The sliding type cabinet also gives the user the option to close the board up when not in use. This lets it blend in with the wall. The sliding type cabinet is an added feature that gives this board better features and usage. Most of the dry erase cabinets come with magnets to hook them up to the wall. A locking mechanism also ensures that the cabinet remains stationary and doesn't move about.

All the features make the dry erase board an excellent addition to any room that requires a large size projection screen or writing surface.

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