DRY ERASE MARKERs are neat. Dry erase board has a surface which is glossy. As per the indication of name white boards are mostly made out of white color glossy surface and the markings on the board cannot be made permanently.

Dry erase boards have earned popularity since 1990 s. These boards are commonly used in work environments and offices colleges and schools. Markings on the board must be made with a quality dry erase marker that is specially designed for writing purposes on the white board.

The marker pens can be filled with an ink that can be removed or erased. Constructions of the white boards are made with either polyester coated steel or melamine resin. Expensive and boards of superior quality are made out of enameled steel porcelain.

White boards that are made out porcelain are considered to be durable and they have longer life span. Markers on the dry erase board can be erased by using cotton swabs cotton swabs or cotton cosmetic rounds rubber glove or dry erase eraser.

The markers inks that are dark in color can be erased easily form the dry erase boards. Different methods are available to erase the permanent ink that has been used on the white board.

Tooth paste is an alternative method that is used for cleansing or removing the markings on the white board. The content that is present in the normal white tooth paste is an abrasive which is very mild and it is soluble in water.

Lava soap can be utilized with cotton swabs or wash cloth that is damp for the removal of markings from the board but second hand cleansing is essential for complete erasure.

Orange Goop which is a hand cleanser helps in the removal of permanent markings from the board. It should be dealt with care since over usage might create a problem with the glossy shine that is on the surface of the board. Spot testing is recommended before the use of orange goop.

Old and dry erase markings can be cleaned by mixing water along with vinegar. The proper and right selection of dry erase ink can be erased with the help of ammonia which proves to be extremely effective.

Ammonia being a chemical has to be used with extreme caution. It has the ability to create irritation on the lungs and mucus membrane. Neutral shoe polish can be applied and subsequently buffed to obtain smooth and wonderful new glossy surface.

Wide variety with vibrant colors is offered in markers that are especially designed for writing purposes on the white board.

Tips of the markers differ from each other. Chisel tip markers that are non toxic are mostly preferred by the writers due to the clear appearance of such markers on the glass white boards and other surfaces that are non porous.

They can be wiped off easily with cotton swabs or white cloth. Markers with dual tips and pointed chisel tips are used by business people to highlight some of their business activities. Assorted color pack is available in the market.

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