DRY ERASE BOARDS are awesome. During the early 1970's black boards were made in a square shape with wood frame at the corner. Chalk pieces were used for writing on the black boards. These types of boards were used in schools.

Superior quality dry erase boards have started to become popular since 1990's. It can also be called white board. At present white boards are commonly used in schools colleges' offices etc. Dry erase boards have several uses and benefits.

Special care and cleaners are not essential for the maintenance of dry erase boards. The surface of the erase boards are made out of glossy material and variety colors are also available. Permanent markings cannot be made.

Special eraser marker with removable ink has to be used for writing purposes on the dry erase boards. Three substances are used for the construction of white board. Cheap quality boards are made with melamine resin.

Superior quality boards with polyester steel coating are made out of porcelain enameled steel. Magnetic white boards with steel finishing have the ability to attract notes made out of magnets. Boards made out of porcelain prove to be durable to the high quality substances used for the construction of the board.

The white color boards made out of melamine resin and painted steel fade away in course of time due to the penetration of the ink in to the pores. Boards made out of porcelain do not allow the penetration of ink and the color is maintained permanently.

Ghosting can be seen prominently in all types of board. The solvent in dry markers is the main cause for ghosting. White virtual boards promotes the writing and drawing on the canvas that has been stimulated.

The external factors like accidental eraser or water cannot have an impact on the markings of the white board. Chalk pieces used for writing in black boards generate dust while handling. Dust problems do not crop up and they are totally avoided when ink markers are used on dry erase boards.

People prone to allergic problems can go in for white boards. Overhead projector presentation can be accompanied with white boards. Projection on white boards is not advised due to glaring difficulties. White boards with the low glare projection facilities are available. The wiping and projection qualities of the board will be at the optimum level.

White boards are comparatively expensive than chalk boards. Specially designed white markers should be used for writing purposes. Using alternative ink markers other than regular ones could create erasing difficulties. Acetone alcohol prepackaged wipes and cleaning sprays can be used for the removal of inks from the dry erase boards.

Strong odour present in the markers may create allergy problems. Markers with less odour are can be used. Visually impaired people face complications with white background boards. Tough stains created with marker inks especially in clothing material cannot be removed. During winter season the ink of the marker evaporates faster as a result of which the markings on the white board turn invisible.

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