A Dry Erase Board is also called dry wipe board or white board. The surface which is glossy prevents the permanent markings on the white board. Since 1990 s the white boards were commonly used in offices schools and other work places. Melamine resin steel coating with polyester can be used in the construction of dry erase board.

Expensive quality dry erase board is made out of porcelain are highly durable. Boards made out of melamine resin tend to fade away within a short span of time due to the entrance of ink through the pores. Superior and high quality prevents the entrance of ink and hence they remain in white color.

Solvent contents that are present in the markers cause ghosting. Cleaners that are specially designed for wiping purposes are very helpful. The blackboards and chalk boards have under gone various stages of evolution considerably.

In the beginning stage chalk boards were bordered with wooden frame at the corners which prevented from the occurrence of damage. These chalk boards were widely used in schools. Writing with chalk pieces proved to be a messy job.

The white or dry erase boards had highlighted benefit. They were easily portable due to their light weight. Wide ranges of colors are available with markers or pens that are specially used for writing purposes. Residues are not left out while cleaning.

On account of their light weight the boards can be easily hanged on the wall. White boards that are small prove to be very economical and they are bordered with plastic frames on all the four sides.

Dry erase board has many advantages and disadvantages. Water and factors that are external do not have the capacity to erase or remove the marker ink. Sticking of tapes is possible with white board as it has a glossy surface on top.

There are additional benefits due to the presence of the glossy surface. They are resistant towards scratch and dent. The problems do not occur on behalf of chemicals bacteria and stains.

The frame work of the dry erase board is based on the requirement of the customer. It proves to be an alternative to those persons suffering from allergic difficulties. Markers fail to generate dust just like chalk pieces that are used for writing on black boards. Glaring difficulties may be faced during projection on the white boards. Low glaring white boards are available in the market for projection purposes.

White boards prove to be more expensive when compared with black boards. White boards markers that specially designed for writing purposes are perfectly suitable for writing purposes.

Erasing difficulties may arise due to the wrong selection of the marker ink. New and advanced technical developments are being adopted to avoid erasing difficulties. The marks on the white board may be removed with the help of cleaning sprays and wipes that are packed earlier.

They are available in plenty with the manufacturers of the dry erase board. Acetone and alcohol can also be used for the removal of marker ink from the dry erase board.

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