Black Dry Erase Board

Black Dry Erase Boards rock. A dry erase board refers to a glossy surface on which impermanent marks can be made using marker pens. Most dry erase boards have replaced the chalkboard in conference halls. The dry erase board offers a glossy surface. Writing is done with alcohol based markers. The markers can be erased with ease and the board reused. This gives it an advantage over normal chalkboards. The dry erase board does not require chalk and can be cleaned very easily.

Instead of using chalk, as on chalkboards to make the marks, a special dry erase board marker containing removable ink is used. Dry erase boards are constructed with one of the following materials:

-Melamine resin

-Polyester coated steel

-Porcelain enameled steel

Black dry erase boards are used in several places. They use fluorescent markers which are specially designed for black dry erase boards. The markers take around 30 seconds to dry fully on the board. They appear in bold colours once dried out. These boards are usually used in restaurants and conference rooms. Most boards provide the markers along with the purchase of the board.

This is the ideal choice for anyone who wants a board that is easy to use but doesn't depart from the classic black colour. The great design and subtle colour of the board also make it look fashionable. Unlike black boards this board does not stick out like a sore thumb. Many people have reported it to be the best in the entire range of boards available.

It is a highly recommended marker board for every day use. The work that goes into the boards ensures a sturdy product that lasts long. Dry erase markers go on without any hindrance and wipe off without a trace. This attribute makes rectification of errors a very simple process. The board also prevents any dust that might come from usage of a chalk board.

The board is simple to arrange. The hardware required to set it up is very compact and easy to use. One requires almost no skill in woodwork to set up this top of the range product. The board also includes the hardware required to set up the board. It can be hung on or leaned against a wall. This gives it additional value. The board has several features which include:

-Porcelain enameled steel or melamine resin surface on a board made of fiber.

-Available in aluminium or wood framework.

-One or more markers provided with the package. Various colors are available.

-Rounded or sharp edges

-Light and easy to transport and use

-Ideal for all settings

-Smoothly rounded corners add safety and attractiveness to trays

-Available in different sizes.

-Installation hardware sent with board

-Beautiful colour.

All the above features make the black dry erase board an ideal adjunct to any setting that requires an easy to use board. Buy one today and get your message across with crystal clarity.

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