BOARD CONFERENCE DRY ERASE ROOM is a popular gift focus. Conference room cabinets along with dry erase white boards are provided to the work environment places. Different types of room cabinets are provided by different companies.

The contemporary room cabinet has a non - locking system. The interior doors of the contemporary room cabinets can be upgraded by fixing the white dry erase surfaces. The traditional cabinets are provided with locking door system. The surface of the dry erase writing can be slightly upgraded.

The doors of the contemporary room cabinets are very attractive. The frame of the interior doors is made up of solid oak. The erase boards are accompanied with either mahogany stain or walnut stain finishing. The surface of the white board is made up of magnetic recipient.

Superior quality fabric burlap with bulletin board covering material is provided inside the door. Conference cabinet room may be customized or upgraded to certain extent by adding the white board to the existing cabinet doors.

The materials that are added to cabinet are marker rail with complete length flip chart four numbers of dry erase markers with on additional eraser. Pull down projector screen which is optional with extra charges may be given to the desired customers. Ultra modern and specially designed cabinets are also available in the market today.

Dry erase boards can be effectively covered like the doors of the interior room cabinet in order to enhance the appearance of the room. The glossy surface of the dry erase white board can be cleaned by using a dampened soft cloth. Tap water can be used for dampening. Cleanser in the accessory kit may be used to remove the stains that are extremely stubborn.

Mahogany on walnut and cherry on cherry gives a fabulous appearance. On the other hand the feature that exists in the traditional series is that the room cabinets have locking systems. White boards are provided with executive cabinets. The boards of these rooms are also made of superior quality porcelain steel frame.

The furniture of the dry erase white board conference room cabinets with required accessories will be suitable for the executive presentations and meetings. The double doors of the cabinet décor will be furnished with the marker made with porcelain steel material. The glossy surface of this particular board has the tendency to retain magnetic accessories.

Conference cabinet that is made out wood finishing will offer privacy when desired. Wooden cabinet will be helpful during over time and when the vital points are yet to be conveyed or communicated. This unit helps in the maintenance of the private information and for futuristic references also.

Lock and key may be installed while constructing the cabinets. There are many added features and advantages of the board conference dry erase room. The writing surface of the dry erase board marker may be laminated.

It does not adhere to the properties of the magnet. There are preferably five sizes offered in the board. A guarantee period limiting up to 20 years is extended to the customer.

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