Velvet Drapes

Most people often associate velvet drapes with luxurious hotel rooms, and they are not far from the truth actually, since this is exactly the type of curtains that provide the proper window dressing in exquisite hotel sweets. Being thicker material than others, velvet muffles sound easily, which testifies for the good insulation properties of such drapes. Furthermore, due to the same features they make excellent blackouts too, ensuring a comfortable sleep during the day. Though more or less a disadvantage, velvet drapes are a lot heavier than normal ones, which makes their operation slightly difficult. Nevertheless there are lots of motorized devices to ensure proper functionality and ease usage a lot.

If you plan to decorate your rooms with velvet drapes, have a look at the various tips you can find online related to the maximization of artistic visual effects. Lots of grommet curtains use velvet as the primary material as it has enough rigidity to flow in regular slightly stiff pleas. Velvet curtains are usually cleaned dry and they often require periodical treatment to prevent mold formation in the texture. Unlike thin and vaporous curtains, velvet drapes are more susceptible to getting dusty and changing color in time; soft shades of brown, yellow, orange and green are more time enduring of all, unlike dark colors.

Not any type of furniture matches velvet drapes, so you should definitely be careful about matching items correctly so as no to spoil the effect. Considered classic, such curtains may not go well with very daring cuts and shapes specific to modern items of furniture. If you choose the services of an interior design agency you could very well get a computer simulation in order to find the perfect combination of decoration details and furniture: you'll learn everything from colors to the inter-play of lights and shadows that best suit your house.

Velvet drapes only go well in dining rooms, living rooms and meeting halls or offices; nevertheless, if you go for something light-colored, they could also dress the bedroom windows as well. If it were to define this type of classic design in one word, the best one here would be: sobriety. These being said, we can only conclude that velvet drapes definitely reflect a personal inclination for a mood or atmosphere that usually correspond to the owner's personality, after all, one's house truly mirrors one's way of living with touches of colors and twists of sobriety.

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