Thermal Drapes

Often known as insulated curtains, thermal drapes are a great ally during winter, as they prevent cold air currents to get inside your home. Besides the energy saving considerations, there are several other reasons that should have in mind to choose thermal drapes over regular ones. For instance, if you have small kids, such curtains would definitely keep draft and humidity away from their room. How do thermal drapes actually work for you? First of all, we need to point out to the special materials most such curtains are made of: the texture is a lot firmer and thicker than that of regular drape models and they are usually lined.

The cold air is caught between the curtain and the wall and it falls at floor level, whereas warmer air rises and gets into the room. The only risk you run with this kind of thermal drapes is that of condensation, but that could also be avoided if you buy some quality curtains. For the window-oriented side of the thermal drapes, manufacturers usually use some form of waterproof material or protection that is unlikely to suffer from moisture and mold formation. The wood and wall painting need to be of good quality too in order to prevent deterioration.

Thermal drapes are suitable for all sorts of interior designs, as their functionality doesn't prevent them from being really good looking too. A professional interior designer could surely help you in making the right choices without your having to fear the creation of too loaded a room. The biggest objection most people raise against thermal drapes is that they seem bulky, but this has definitely got to do with personal perception than with the ability to combine furniture and decorations so as to preserve the sense of roominess.

In case you have very large windows to dress with the help of thermal drapes, you may consider using some form of motorized device to ease the opening and closing at will. Motorized curtains are ideal for thermal drapes that may seem too heavy to operate otherwise; they can be installed in less than half an hour and the prices are really affordable given the amount of discomfort they save you. In a nutshell: you can have both comfort, warmth and energy saving, as well as nice, easy to close and open curtains on the one condition that you install motorized thermal drapes.

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