Rv Drapes

Since the preference for recreational vehicles has become a true phenomenon among holiday makers, no wonder more and more people are interested in decorating the interiors of their wheeled homes in the most pleasant of ways. Besides the decorative role they undoubtedly play, RV drapes for instance, are indispensable for ensuring the privacy anyone needs whether day or night. The materials and the models used in the design of RV drapes differ from the curtains created for home decoration in terms of thickness and pattern. After all, a motor home has a higher degree of informality than a chalet for instance.

Cotton and nylon are among the most frequent textures used in the manufacturing of RV drapes; they are easy to clean and highly practical for long periods of time provided they are also lined so as to prevent sun-burning. Though the practical side of such window dressing items prevails over the aesthetic function, the way RV drapes match with the motor home interior is definitely important. The choice of model depends on the way the vehicle is decorated in general. Wood furniture for instance will definitely require a very simple curtain model to match, whereas, modern plastic and metal cuts go well with a bit more sophisticated RV drapes.

RV drapes should basically be light-colored since you are most likely to use the vehicle in summer time when warm weather can lead to an overheating of the interior. Though most motor homes have air conditioning too, it is good to contribute to the freshness and the air coolness inside by a happy choice of RV drapes. Though such items often come in standard sizes, you may also have to look for special models too; nevertheless, this very much depends on the particular features of your vehicle. Measure everything carefully and only then go purchase the RV drapes.

When you're back from the trip, and you are not likely to travel soon again, you'll have to decide whether you are going to let the RV drapes hanging at the windows or get them cleaned and use them the next time you leave. As you will constantly have to monitor the moisture level in the vehicle particularly during the cold season, it is not a bad idea to check corners and drape folds for mold. This is the main problem that may appear with RV drapes left in the motor home for a longer period of time; yet the same problem stays valid for other items of tapestry as well. Check their condition regularly and take the precautions necessary to prevent deterioration!

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