Rustic Drapes

Have you always dreamed about the moment when you'll be able to have a special place somewhere in the countryside to escape in the quietude of nature? Well, if you have just seen that dream come true, you may be needing some decoration ideas or tips to turn a small retreat house into a cozy nest for you and your family.

The rustic look is the best one when it comes to furniture, indoors and even outdoors decorations too. From the way you choose to paint the walls to the dressing of the windows every detail is important as it contributes to the atmosphere enhancement. Rustic drapes for instance have a style of their own: they are highly aesthetic when seen from outside and incredibly nice when you are in the room.

Most manufacturers who produce rustic drapes target a special sector of customers: people who are looking for something different than what they have in their urban homes: simplicity, good taste and warmth are the best terms to describe choice coordinates for the matter. Thus, you cannot expect rustic drapes to show elegance and refinement features, their main advantage comes from being able to represent a certain mood people usually associate with life in the countryside countryside.

Floral patterns are among the most likely to be used in the design of rustic drapes, the coloring schemes are a lot softer, and pastel shades are among people's favorite choices. The most common colors used in the overall decoration of regular vacation houses in the countryside include brown, beige, yellow, red, green and even orange as they are probably the best match for the simple cut of furniture items used in country houses.

Finials, grommets, and rods used for the rustic drapes need to be in the same tone with the rest of the house decorations. Therefore, wood is the favorite material here since it matches the atmosphere a lot better than plastic or metal. Depending on the climate specificity, you could also choose special rustic drapes that also have insulating properties, lowering heat loss and preventing hot air from entering the house in summertime.

Due to the advanced humidity conditions that are specific to country areas, you should have to check on the condition of the rustic drapes pretty often in order to prevent mold formation. Or you may simply choose curtains that are made of waterproof materials that have little chances of catching moisture within their texture.

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