Rackets And Drapes

When people hear the word association “rackets and drapes” there are two things that could come to their mind. Younger generations will definitely think about the famous band known as “Rackets and Drapes” that have artistic performances very much in the style of Marlyn Mason. This music genre so popular with teenagers is definitely noisy, which only justifies for the name of the band. On the other hand, if we were to think of a more down to earth meaning of the expression “rackets and drapes”, we'll realize it usually applies to the properties of special curtains that insulate against cold, heat and noise.

“Rackets and Drapes” is a band that combines loud rock music with Gothic artistic manifestations that involve the use of body paintings, tattoos, piercing and aggressive colors. Labeled by some critics as a post-modern kind of music, the lyrics of “Rackets and Drapes” are colorful, very often aggressive in language, being associated with an equally sharp sound. Several albums, lots of concerts and many fans, these are the main achievements that a band like “Rackets and Drapes” could boast with. Either shared on the Internet or sold in special stores, their albums speak or represent a life style not anyone would recognize as authentic or acceptable.

Getting to the other real starting point of the word association “rackets and drapes”, we'd discover that special insulated drapes are the choice of many families who live in crowded urban areas with the street noises going on right outside their windows. These people find it difficult to adjust to the high sound intensity caused by traffic, they try to escape from rackets and drapes could be their solution. Noise insulating curtains are made of a lot thicker fabric than regular decorative ones, they could very well have blackout properties too, preventing light from passing through and ruining a restful morning sleep.

Sound insulation is thus the perfect measure to take against true rackets, and drapes seem a good solution. Nevertheless, the aesthetic effect should also be taken into consideration, since the furniture and the curtains need to go well together for a pleasant atmosphere. Make sure to check the window area for condensation since cool air accumulates between the curtains and the window favoring the formation of tiny water particles that may either ruin the wood and the wall painting or favor mold formation in the folds of the drapes.

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