Pinch Pleat Drapes

When looking for the perfect way to dress windows so as to get a fashionable look that matches the rest of the house, it is often difficult to choose between a very wide range of drapes and curtains, where one is more appealing than the other. Sometimes, several kinds of window dressings would work just fine, but most people definitely follow that subjective personal first impression or preference for a color, material or model. Pinch pleat drapes are usually held very high in esteem by home owners, as they are both practical and very nice too, offering a large variety of decorating options.

Pinch pleat drapes stand out from other curtain styles by the heading treatment as this is the part which is actually pinch pleated. Furthermore, pinch pleat drapes go without the traditional rod pockets necessary for the installation of most curtain models. Clips, rings or hooks are the perfect way to hang your drapes for the creation of the sheer artistic visual effect that you have in mind. Pinch pleat drapes need to be carefully chosen depending on the type of window they are meant to dress: nevertheless, they go undoubtedly well for long or wide windows as well as for sliding glass doors the size of a wall.

When purchasing pinch pleat drapes you'll be offered quite a large number of options concerning not just the fabric and the colors, but the weight and the seams as well. The way pleas flow down very much depends on the material the curtains are made of, but seams and corners are equally important for a nice and even pleating. In case you order the pinch pleat drapes on the Internet, don't worry about their looks being ruined during transportation. Packing and folding is well taken care of so that the customers receive unspoiled products.

From the large number of pinch pleat drapes models, some of the most common and popular at the same time include butterfly pinch pleat design, goblet pleats or double pinch pleats. In case you decide to sew your own pinch pleat drapes at home, learn as much as you can about how to make the most out of the material. Follow professional advice available in special design books, since, sometimes, the tips you find on the Internet may not be well applied, and you risk to ruin the fabric or spoil the final product.

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