Motorized Drapes

For those who are tired of pulling at their curtains and ruining the fold arrangement, manufacturers have come up with a wide offer of motorized drapes. Darkening or letting the light in is just a touch away due to the more or less sophisticated devices that lie behind this revolutionary drape model. The first willing to turn to such technological advantages are home owners that have dressed their windows with pretty heavy insulating curtains, given the fact that motorized drapes can provide control over at least sixty pounds of draperies. This makes remote closing and opening a piece of cake actually.

The possibilities to use motorized drapes are virtually endless; for instance, you could choose a combination of drapery and audio-video control systems for home theater purposes. A single set of motorized drapes can cover up entire walls, without having an unwanted impact on the room setting or the overall atmosphere. They are first of all functional, but this very down-to-earth feature doesn't prevent motorized drapes from making excellent decoration choices too. So, go ahead, leaf through catalogs, ask for quotes and see if they'd match your rooms or not.

Most producers praise motorized drapes for the easiness of installation and use; the only condition to meet is not to have any rod placed in the area. In general lines, it will be installed like any other common rod, but it will have a small motor on one end that requires AC plug in. The automated system specific to motorized drapes doesn't reduce the level of autonomy you may be accustomed to in the case of regular curtains. You don't have to pull them aside completely, for instance, they can be very well left in an intermediate position depending on the effect you want to achieve.

Motorized drapes have a pretty reduced number of devices associated with them, though one cannot complain about the many positions in which such curtains can be installed. Depending on how advanced the model of the motorized drapes is, you can have up to ten different installation modes to take advantage of and create unique visual effects. Before buying such decorative items it is good to learn the minimum side space motorized drapes require; such an important piece of information should also be specified on the label of the product and the installation directions. Hence, for the sake of maximum efficiency, make sure to read everything carefully.

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