Kalamkari Drapes

With an increasing desire to feel the touch of cosmopolitanism, many westerners are charmed by the appeal of ancient Asian design patterns that continue to live on in interior decorations and in clothing design. Kalamkari drapes are an incontestable proof of how a 3000-year old art form can speak the language of modernity. For anyone excited about bringing a touch of mystery and exoticism to their home, here are a few elements that will prove Kalamkari drapes could be the right choice for the coziness of a household. In the manufacturing process, only dyes extracted from natural pigments are used, and the models are hand-painted with bamboo pens.

Kalamkari painting is not limited to drapery, as it is still widely used for the decoration of saris, hand towels and wall hangings. If you actually choose Kalamkari drapes, be ready for vivid cheerful colors, with nothing dull in the luster, and they should find their match in the rest of your furniture items. Furthermore, they make excellent choices for themed bedrooms for instance given the fact that they basically represent Hindu symbols, Persian motifs and mythical patterns. The first Kalamkari drapes ever painted were especially designed with religious purposes in mind, meant to decorate special canopies in the temples.

Many of the Kalamkari drapes now available in stores are designed by means of modern techniques even if they preserve the authenticity of the dyes and that of the creation process. The most common colors used are blue, black, brown, red and yellow, and they are mainly extracted from special plants, minerals such as aluminum (known for the red dye extract) or indigo. If in the past, there were some times when this tradition seemed to fade away, the present-day trend that marks Kalamkari drapes as highly fashionable, has led to a revival of this art form.

For details and catalogs, access online shops that provide not just all sorts of Kalamkari drapes models, but other interior decoration items that would look great in a themed room. Prices vary according to the manufacturing technique, the complexity of the pattern and the dimensions of the Kalamkari drapes that you need. You can easily find some gorgeous curtains for less than $50, but they could also get to as much as $100 for the most exquisite of cases. Have a look around and see what the market has to offer!

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