Horse Stall Drapes

Anyone who makes horse riding a way of living knows how important the use of proper horse stall drapes can be during competitions or special shows. The stables are the place where this type of curtains are really valuable, since they truly make one stand out when it is a case. Most horse stall drapes are custom made wearing the personal data of the show participants in colors and models of their choice. Such “decorations” are usually embroidered, making horse stall drapes even more special and individualized. What are the materials such products are made of and what costs should one expect?

Most horse stall drapes are made of water repellent materials that remain unspoilt even in the worst weather conditions; hence, from a certain point of view they can offer protection against both rain and wind. Materials vary from nylon to special PVC coatings that allow easy cleansing and great durability; such horse stall drapes are meant to last for at least five years of continuous use. This would explain the generosity of manufacturers to provide long-term warranties that really convince the buyer of the reliability of the products. Prices often vary depending on how many material and color bindings you want for your horse stall drapes.

When purchasing horse stall drapes, it is good to learn something about resistance to sunshine, since you don't want colors to lose their luster or the curtains to actually get scorched. Depending on the way you intend to use the horse stall drapes, you can have grommets added to their upper side to easily hang them at shows. Moreover, make sure that the zippers which create the pass-through area match the dimensions you have in mind for a specific activity. If you take the time to get a look on the Internet, you'll also find lots of special offers and discounts for horse stall drapes.

First of all, ask for quotes from various businesses that manufacture horse stall drapes, but don't forget to specify the dimensions and the type of embroidery you need. However, in order to face the tough competition on the market, it is very likely that you may get free embroidery or discounted prices for several types of horse stall drapes ordered. In case you can choose the fabric yourself, make sure you are familiar with all the durability and toughness features of the specific material. Under such circumstances, warranty won't be too extended if the client is actively involved in the pre-manufacturing process.

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