Since house decoration is about more than simply choosing furniture and ornaments, drapes play an important role in creating atmosphere, enhancing light games and even ensuring a quality sleep by darkening the room early in the morning. You can see drapes as the intermediary between the intimacy of your house and the outer world; hence choosing the best curtains when designing the interior of the house could be a real challenge particularly when you do it on your own without professional advice. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when shopping for these great items of interior decoration.

Fabric and pattern represent major elements that could influence the choice of drapes; they have an ambivalent importance: on the one hand they need to match the window in color or even artwork in their vicinity, and on the other, they clearly bear the touch of your personality. Whether they be cotton, velvet, silk or any other fabric, drapes have to be suitable for the functionality of the room too. For instance, you can buy drapes with floral patterns for a dining room or a living, but animal or cartoon prints will obviously be the ones to go for the children's rooms.

Then, ask yourself what sort of impact and aesthetic effect you want to achieve by the choice of drapes color. Soft colors are the ones that usually blend in the overall design of the room, whereas vivid and dark shades send another message. This latter kind of drapes either stand out and surprise anyone entering the room, or they have a tonic or relaxing effect on you when spending time in there. A further touch of style and color can be added by using all sorts of drapes hardware items that include rings, finials, rods and hold-backs, which may vary from the simplest to the most exotic ones.

For instance, the finials you purchase for the drapes should be carefully selected to match the rest of the furniture in the room; check which material would fit best as you usually have to go for wood, glass or metal depending on the style. Special effects can also be achieved, as it is not uncommon to get the simplest rustic design or the most intricate elegant one, and all that is possible by a happy combination of hold-backs, rods and finials well adjusted to the dimension and the pattern specific to the drapes. Have a look over some of the many online catalogs to get an idea about how great interior designs should be like and then experience the joy of decorating.

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