Drapes And Curtins

Important elements of interior design and very often great mood enhancers, drapes and curtins truly give a special look to windows by their fabric flows and pleas. The very legitimate question one could ask here refers to the actual difference between drapes and curtins, as they seem pretty much one and the same if considered at first glance. The element that distinguishes between them is formality, as drapes are labeled as more sophisticated and usually pleated, whereas, curtains fit well in a very familiar, informal background. Other then this, we are actually talking about one and the same item of interior decorations.

Between drapes and curtins, the most likely to use for dressing up windows in the most pleasant of ways are drapes due to the richness of the fabric and the higher level of ornaments included in their manufacturing. Nevertheless, the two terms are perfectly interchangeable, thus a house owner could say drapes and an interior designer curtins but they would be in fact referring to one and the same thing. Traditionally speaking, drapes are only seen as light blockers, being made of thicker materials that prevent sun rays to get in the room before you've actually finished your rest.

If we were to go to the bottom of this “linguistic” differentiation between drapes and curtins, we'll also have to talk about fabric specificity: soft materials like cotton, silk or nylon work great for curtains that basically create the atmosphere in a room. The functionality of every part of the house decorated with drapes or curtins is important too, since there needs to be a match in style and purpose; for instance, brocade makes an excellent material for the curtains used in the bedroom or the living room, but it is totally improper for the kitchen for instance.

One other element that also needs to be taken into consideration is window dimension: drapes, as decorative elements, go well with both large and small windows, whereas curtains are perfect for large ones only. The beauty of house decorating is that you may choose to design the drapes and curtins yourself, after previously taking your inspiration from some magazines and catalogs. Many home owners find the result all the more rewarding when they get to put personal ideas into practice and actually see things work out to their liking. Therefore, between drapes and curtins, one has to be pleased with the assumed decorative choice.

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