Drape Mold

Allergies and asthma are two health conditions that very often go together, not to mention that they are triggered by external factors such as pollen, dust, mold, mites and so on. For anyone suffering from such a problem, drape mold can be more than a problem, this is a minor detail that makes life impossible in one's own home. Are allergic people going to avoid using curtains and drapes for the decoration of their homes? Certainly not. There are two ways to stay away from troubles triggered by drape mold. First of all, you can carefully select the drape fabric so as to make sure it is not mold-friendly.

Special materials that serve at the manufacturing of decoration curtains, such as bamboo, is definitely going to be mold free. On a regular basis, thick fabric that is mainly used for the manufacturing of blackout and insulated curtains is usually prone to developing drape mold. Humidity trapped between the curtain and the wall close to the window is the ideal environment where mold grows in the first place. How can such situations be prevented? First and foremost, regular cleaning of the curtains is the right way to keep things under control.

Most curtains are designed for dry cleaning so there should be no problem about lowering the risk of getting drape mold in your home. You should definitely try to buy some curtains that are made of soft and thin materials which are less likely to develop mold of any kind. Usually, transparent fabric made of synthetic fibers doesn't accumulate as much dust as the one that relies on organic structures, such as cotton for instance. Constantly keep an eye on the condition of your curtains to make sure no drape mold has appeared since the last time you checked.

There are manufacturers who think to have discovered a way to prevent drape mold; the whole secret lies in using some form of oily substances to treat the fabric before making curtains out of it. This surface is usually the one facing the window where condensation is more likely to form and mold to grow unhindered; hence, you should look for curtains especially designed to keep drape mold away. There could be some price differences too, with this type of drapes being more expensive, but the financial effort is definitely worth making for the sake of one's health.

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