Nike Cycling

Bikers know how difficult it is to keep the most exposed body parts warm while riding; hands and feet are the first to need protection during cold weather and Nike cycling apparel items could be the right choice for you. Nike thermal gloves could make a great choice to help protect your hands from the cold bite; yet, when choosing a model, it is good to take into consideration the warmth of your hands first and foremost. A biker with very warm hands is exposed to overheating and sweating, therefore, only choose a Nike cycling gloves model if you think it suits your physical structure.

For people with a more cold-sensitive type of skin, Nike cycling fleece gloves are a good option. The models also have a reflective pattern that makes them visible at night in case you have to ride after dark. Glove liners could also be used in order to achieve the same level of warmth and protection as you enjoy on the other body parts such as torso, arms and legs. A good point with these Nike cycling items is that they are very often multi-functional, meaning that you'll be able to use the same gloves on other conditions than when riding.

Foot warmth is just as important as hand protection during the cold season; in late autumn, winter or early spring, thicker Nike cycling footwear should be used. Very often, not only the boots, but the socks and the shoe covers are highly important: of course we are talking about those soks that let the feet breathe, also dispersing sweat on the entire foot area as well. Though some Nike cycling shoes are made of artificial leather, the level of breathability is maintained very high; some tips even refer to the use of off road shoes for pedaling since such models are a lot thicker and warmer than regular cycling footwear.

Last but not least, face protection against cold is usually ensured by the use of a breathable hood under the helmet; this should protect not just the face and the ears, but the neck too. Unfortunately, you won't find too large an offer of face protection wear with Nike cycling articles; they are mainly specialized in the design of caps and knit caps for both men and women. Therefore, in case you're going for an ride in mid-winter, you'll have to search in cycling apparel catalogs to see what you can get. If the weather is not too harsh, a simple ear band may work, but make sure that wind and cold don't catch you by surprise.

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