Nike Cycling Shoes

With the Nike brand being present at most important sports events organized all over the world, Nike cycling shoes are the choice of many professional bikers. Regardless whether it is a matter of sponsorship or of personal choice, the name Nike equals quality, comfort and reliability; let's see what it is that makes Nike cycling shoes so important. We should actually mention first and foremost that the material, the flexibility of the sole, the amount of pressure on the foot, all have a word to say in judging the quality of cycling footwear in general.

It has been proved that the comfort and the efficiency of a good pair of Nike cycling shoes enhances the pedaling ease and pleasure at the same time. The best tip you could learn before making any purchase is the weight of the shoes: they actually need to be as light as a feature and with a good power transfer to ensure quality pedaling. One of the top Nike cycling shoes models is the Lance edition. The soles contain carbon fiber that takes care of the energy transfer from foot to pedal, the heels are perfectly integrated in the design and the fit is so comfortable that wearing them requires absolutely zero effort.

Another type of Nike cycling shoes worth buying is Pogio III, ideal in riding on inclined surfaces or climbing pretty steep slopes. Though the shoe weight is minimum, the power transfer is at its highest peak during pedaling; this advantage is explained by the use of carbon in the soles. Furthermore, the reinforced heel counter allows the feet to better cope with effort in the conditions of a lowered gravity center due to a minimal stack height. Though such a pair of Nike cycling shoes costs a lot of money, the quality they provide definitely makes it worth paying.

For anyone interested in using Nike cycling shoes for regular town traction, the Kato III model has the necessary sole features that make it perfect for the matter. The out-sole is stiff enough to pedal at easr while allowing plenty of flexibility for common town usage; made of synthetic leather, such Nike cycling shoes still meet all the quality requirements for comfortable and long-term use. A good word of advice here is to buy Nike cycling shoes when there are major discounts or special offers, since you can get excellent professional footwear for half the catalog price.

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