Cycling Gloves

Though bike riding involves the entire body in the physical activity, the hands are the ones to control direction and the feet to give power to the movement. Hence, for the body parts that receive most blows from weather and environment elements, the use of cycling gloves is almost compulsive; this means that no equipment is complete without appropriate hand protections. For those who don't see why cycling gloves are so important, we should mention the fact that the front part of the bike is the one that absorbs most shocks. At the body level a bump is usually felt in both hands and the butt depending on the speed and the position assumed in riding.

During the hot season, most bikers use special cycling gloves without fingers; they are made of well-tolerated materials that don't retain moisture at all. Since a firm control of the bike is necessary, no professional rider will allow the handlebars to slip through sweaty palms; hence, a second important reason for using cycling gloves at all times is adherence to the gripping surface. In case you fall, bruising is prevented since the materials most cycling gloves are made of are resistant to shocks and direct physical impact.

The cycling gloves used during the cold season should be carefully chosen considering the normal temperature of the biker's hands. For instance someone who has very warm hands all the time could go for cycling gloves with long fingers made of thinner materials. A thin fleece variant may work very well for the occasion. In case you have cold hands all the time, then the cycling gloves you choose must be really warm, possibly without fingers. Due to the same gripping position on the handlebars prolonged for several hours sometimes, one could actually get cold bites without the use of proper protection.

Many amateur cyclists prefer using regular winter gloves, and the truth is that these can also work well for the matter on the condition that there is proper insulation on the interior part and the fingers remain warm throughout the ride. It is true that cycling gloves could be more expensive than regular gloves, but they are worth the money if you judge by the protection quality they offer. Avoid using leather gloves when riding your bike; they are usually pretty uncomfortable for the matter, not to mention that you may even wipe your nose with them without even knowing it, and end up with smudges under it from the leather dyes.

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