Cycling Gear

For any bike tour, competition or simple weekend ride, there are some absolutely indispensable elements that should not miss from the cycling gear you take with you. How can one feel both comfortable and safe without the minimum items that make bike riding care free? First of all, let's think about how much effort is involved in the pedaling process, even if the weather is not hot, the biker is nevertheless exposed to dehydration by excessive sweating that is absolutely normal under the circumstances. Sports equipment manufacturers have come up with some items of cycling gear that use more than a simple water bottle.

Most quality hydration reservoirs are easy to clean and fill, and they make truly important items of cycling gear given the fact that during races bikers don't have enough time to stop and refill the water bottle every hour. For safe antibacterial usage, hydration reservoirs use silver ions in the entire system, including the delivery tubes. Due to the antibacterial film that is thus created, the biker is safe from the action of almost 100% of the germs and fungi that can outgrow in a water reservoir particularly on hot days. The design of such elements of cycling gear allows easy access, so that the biker only has to bite and sip.

Bikers who take part to races as well as anyone who is likely to ride the bike in the evening or at night should have a led lighting system as well as efficient reflectors. Such equipment represents the kind of cycling gear that is a life savior and safety enhancer and it should be used on any type of bike regardless of its design. When buying such an item of cycling gear take your time to learn the functioning life span; the best operational bike lights can actually transmit light impulses for as long as seven hours without your having to change the batteries. Usually mounted on the stem, a bike lighting system is not heavy at all, and it doesn't affect the aerodynamics of the cycle as such.

Cycling gear items vary according to gender, and the functionality of the elements is adjusted to a man's or a woman's body. This is the case with the backpacks that follow different curves for women, and the same thing happens to the saddle structure. The anatomical details that are taken into consideration for the manufacturer of clothing are also highly important. Women cycling shoes for example have a different structure around the heels and the corners than men's shoes, even if the material properties are identical: same carbon sole, same fittings and closure style.

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