Cycling Clothing

From jerseys, fleece shirts and tops to hand gloves, lycra shorts and caps, all items of cycling clothing are important not only for professional bikers but for the regular rider who goes around town or in the city park. The use of modern technologies has made it possible to improve the manufacturing process of cycling clothing allowing companies to come with really exquisite items that ensure great comfort levels. Let's take for example the two body parts that come in direct contact with the bike: your behind and hands, since they are the most exposed to shocks and weather factors.

Though larger pieces of cycling clothing such as trousers, t-shirts and jackets are the first to get the buyer's attention, small items like gloves are a true must for any biker. Besides the fact that the gloves act as the thermal intermediary between the handlebars and your skin, they also protect you from injuries in case of accidents, since it is well known that the hands are the first to hit the ground. Another important issue you need to consider in relation to the bike contact surface is the extra padding added to shorts in order to improve comfort and prevent chafing.

As for the rest of the cycling clothing items that come in direct contact with your skin, there are a few things to keep in mind even if you are a great fan of natural materials like cotton for instance. There is a false myth the one that supports the use of cotton for the first clothing layer since this is a material that can absorb seven times its weight in moisture. Can you imagine what it could do to your skin? Besides irritations, there is also the risk of getting a very nasty cold when the sweat chills on you. Professional recommendations go for the use of revolutionary materials such as fleece that comes in very thin as well as thick forms.

The great advantage of high quality cycling clothing is that you can use the apparel for casual occasions as well. The first to benefit from this are commuters who ride to work and who have the most to gain by the combination of the advanced technical features of cycling clothing with its street wear characteristics. Two items deserve all the attention here: the jersey and the jacket. The former allows the immediate evaporation of moisture, allowing a unique outwards circuit, whereas the latter was designed for exactly the reverse situation: to prevent humidity from going inside.

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