Cycling Clothes

There are two issues cycling clothes need to deal with: on the one hand the fabric they are made of needs to favor the rapid elimination of humidity and match warm and hot weather conditions, and on the other, they need to ensure a good protection against cold and wind. Since there is no big deal about choosing T-shirts, jerseys and shorts when riding the bike in the warm months of the year, we are going to tackle with the cold protection that is far more complex when it comes to cycling clothes. Like in the case of the apparel for winter sports, we can speak of layered protection.

The base layer, the one closest to the skin should be a thin long-sleeved fleece shirt that captures moisture and distributes it evenly, thus favoring rapid sweat elimination. Instead of a fleece in case you favor cotton - there are other cycling clothes that can be used under other cold protection layers, and, the same long-sleeved t-shirts, could serve well in the warm season too, as they provide sun protection. For the mid-layer, fleece could also be a good choice in terms of materials, and special tops are usually the ones to get the attention when it comes to cycling clothes here.

Trousers and tights cannot be absent from the general apparel a biker needs, regardless of the season; you should definitely buy only tights that are especially cut for riding the bike. And there are two types of cycling clothes you need to consider here: on the one hand there are the lycra tights that stick close to the skin and on the other, there are bike trousers with a looser cut that are usually preferred by people with a more sensitive skin. In order to better cope with cold and wet days, you should wear some further protection over such trousers or tights and here we refer to goretex cycling clothes.

Warm, waterproof gloves and hats are also absolutely necessary for the biker's protection. The hands and face are the most exposed to wind, cold air currents and even rain; therefore, when you go shopping for cycling clothes, don't forget that a good fleece hood to wear under the helmet will prevent the cold from pinching your face and ears. The good part about such apparel items is that they are usually long enough to provide neck protection as well, this means that they will go well inside the jacket or jersey the biker is wearing.

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