Cycle Gear

Though everybody thinks about proper clothing when it comes to bike trips, cycle gear is just as important for the proper and comfortable development of your tour. There are a few items that represent an absolute must when talking about cycle gear, and they include: a shell, a helmet, a wind stopper, glasses and so on.

Each and every one of these items can be purchased from any bike shop, and their importance should by no means be underestimated since you may be saved from pretty nasty situations owing to advanced protection items. Let's start with the helmet and learn what it should be like to meet quality standards.

From the range of cycle gear, helmets are the first to save anyone from head injuries in case of falling. Surveys show that most bike owners also purchase helmets together with their bikes, but they don't use them on a regular basis; an alarm bell should be rung here particularly for children.

All parents should include such items of cycle gear in the equipment they buy for the little ones, since it is a fact that children are usually more exposed to accidents than adults. The size and design of the helmet should be comfortable and aerodynamic so that it does not hold the user back during competitions for instance. For helmets used during the cold season, it is advisable to buy larger sizes under which a hood may be worn as well.

The shell is the part of the cycle gear that protects you from weather aggressive factors: wind, rain, excessive moisture and cold. The shell can be worn over the regular cycling jacket and it should also have a long back the so-called duck's behind so that the position in the saddle doesn't expose you to water dripping.

The shell can be matched with good waterproof goretex trousers that are ideal for the use in wet and windy conditions. It is to prevent further weather discomfort that glasses should not miss from your cycle gear.

Glasses are very useful on all types of weather; these cycle gear items must have good UV filter to ensure a good ride in the sun; but there are also special fog goggles that increase sight capacity on low visibility conditions. People who wear glasses for other eye health issues must also include some special solutions in their cycle gear in order to prevent the unpleasant steaming of the lenses.

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