Bicycle Jersey

As cycling is a very demanding sport, the intense muscle activity triggers a high degree of sweating; the major concern here would be how to keep this moisture away from the body. And this is actually the part when a quality bicycle jersey makes the difference due to the capacity to evaporate moisture in a short period of time, while also keeping it away from the skin. How can one know which bicycle jersey to choose? The price is usually the first indicator of the features of a specific product: the higher the price, the more likely the technology used in its manufacturing is a very advanced one.

Usually, a bicycle jersey designed under a brand name is far more reliable that a no-name one; yet you can be sure you'll pay the price for it. We would be unjust not to mention the fact that there are products worth buying, even if they aren't too expensive: how can you tell the quality of such a bicycle jersey? First of all, don't buy anything that is made of cotton or regular plastic fiber; the only acceptable modern material are those that enable thermal regulation. They include a revolutionary kind of fabric that allows the moisture circulation in a unique way: outwards.

Furthermore, a good bicycle jersey should be aerodynamic in design and cut so that the cyclist can move unhindered. Most such cycling clothes have zippers, properly positioned so that ventilation is within the close control of the biker, not to mention that some have even pockets for various ride essentials. A polyester bicycle jersey with a special weave can absorb as much sweat as cotton t-shirt would do, but without trapping it in the fabric. Sweat is dispersed quickly on the entire surfaced of the outfit enabling a correct evaporation.

Last but not least, you should definitely buy a bicycle jersey that is machine washable, otherwise, it is pretty difficult to use it. Besides the cut, the zippers and the pockets, there is one more detail anyone should pay attention to: the collar band and how comfortable it feels around the neck. Most clothing items used for cycling follow a classical line with stand-up neck bands, however, try the bicycle jersey on to make sure it suits you, since comfort is a key condition for successful and pleasant cycling. After all, during the cold season, a good bicycle jersey keeps the wind and moisture away, preserving the easiness of the movements.

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