Treating Kennel Cough

Treating Kennel Cough is a must. Kennel cough is a term to explain a respiratory ailment in dogs. This is a highly contagious and infectious disease known to affect a very high percentage of dogs all over the world. Dogs are known to face this ailment at least once in their entire lifetime.

Tracheobronchitis is more commonly known as kennel cough ,this is an airborne infection which can be caused by bacteria known as Bordetella bronchiseptic , or a virus known as canine parainfluenza or a mycoplasma( organism between virus and bacteria).

Dogs are more or less likely to be attacked by any of the above disease carriers.

Dogs that stay at kennels are more likely to be infected by this ailment ,being an airborne contagious disease dogs that are put together in one kennel are more likely to spread it among each other. Sometimes while traveling or while attending dog shows ,dogs are more open to this viral and bacterial attack ,especially those dogs who travel frequently or attend dog shows more often. Kennel cough is a viral or bacterial infection which affect the lungs and the throat of the canine.

In rare cases canines are infected seriously and kennel cough can become a life threatening ailment ,so it is advisable to give proper treatment to the dogs at the earlier stage itself.

Symptoms of canine kennel cough are same as regular cough-

Dry Cough with hacking sound is the most common symptom for kennel cough .Dry hacking cough followed by retching is also very commonly seen.Most dogs are known to cough making a sound as though honking.

Sneezing and coughing are the first symptoms of kennel cough in almost all the dogs.

In mild case of kennel cough ,dogs are known to be as active as before and there is no mention of loss of appetite.Many a times dogs are known to be as alert and as active as before.

In severe cases of kennel cough ,dogs are known to sneeze with passage of yellowish nasal discharge with fever loss of appetite and lethargy.

There are 2 kinds of treatments for kennel cough

In mild and moderate case of kennel cough antibiotics need not be given ,as the dog is still active and eating well ,in this case the ailment is left to heal on its own and at its own gradual time .For relief from cough the dog can be given a dose of prednisone a cough suppressant ,this will help put the dog at ease and hasten the process of healing.

In more severe cases of kennel cough, the dogs are put on full dose of antibiotic .he most often used for healing kennel cough is tetracycline .in case of severe kennel cough steroids or cough suppressants are avoided .Sometimes the use of bronchodilators along with aerosol therapy can also prove to be useful.

Kennel cough needs proper care and medication as any negligence on our part can lead to pneumonia even canine distemper both of which can be very dangerous for the life of the dogs.

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